31 October 2010


Our littlest one at 1 month old
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Sofie @ HKIS

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19 July 2010


We've been busy... but not a good excuse for being almost 5 months behind on the FuTube, ahhh!!! Here's a glimpse of what we'll be blogging about soon... In the meantime, we've got just 7 weeks to go before Baby Girl #3 shows up!

Sasha turned 2!

Saw "The Wiggles" live in concert!

Enjoying Sunday family days with lots of treats

Private screening of 3D Toy Story 3

Our little lovely ladies

08 March 2010

Sofie's Pinkalicious 4th Birthday Party

Sofie's official birthday celebration was a "Pinkalicious" theme (chosen herself, of course). Was easy enough to plan: pink pink pink and pink cupcakes!

The guest of honor, Miss Pinkalicious herself
(btw, if you're looking for a fab skirt or other awesome handmade goods... etsy.com! Sof's skirt is from this vendor)

Our living room, transformed into the Pinkalicious scene for 12 little girls
Crafts - coloring Pinkalicious pictures and then decorating felt cupcakes

Post-pinata frenzy of.... pink

Team Pinkalicious!

We had a brilliant clown to entertain the kids for an hour, and they really found him hysterical, despite his somewhat eccentric appearance... Here they are jumping back and forth b/n HK & Kowloon over the rope, which they thought was the funniest thing ever.

As the birthday girl, she was the main volunteer for most things - like balancing a ping pong ball on her nose.

"Super Daddy" beat out the clown in squeezing a potato into pieces with his bare hands. Sofie was amazingly impressed and soooo proud of her daddy (clapped like a maniac!); someday we will tell her that it was a baked potato and Daddy is just a great actor.
Doing her "Oh-la-laaaaa!"

Little did she know she had the ability to spin plates on sticks! She even walked around in a circle doing it, and managed to spin them on her finger as well...

A very fiercely competitive tug-of-war!

Pick up as many ping pong balls as you can! And they actually loved it. (Basically everyone "won" lollis at the end)
Feather Boa Freeze Dance

After all that excitement, they needed a break - cupcake time!

Snuggling with my sugary sweet, sugar-filled girls

The happy girl at the end of the weekend!

Today (5 days post birthday), she has already asked how LOOOONG she will have to wait until she turns 5.

Bonus - Miss Sidekick Pinkalicious

06 March 2010

Sofie Turns 4

Our not-so-little-anymore Sofie turned 4 years old this past week. Kicked off a weekend of festivities with a little party at school, where I showed pictures and talked about Sofie from ages zero to four, and then read "If You Give A Cat A Cupcake"to the class. Of course... they then got their [mini] cupcakes, and that was that!

Next stop was to HK Disneyland, where we did a special birthday celebration and she got to meet a lot of the characters over her Enchanted Garden dinner (rather than waiting in line for 20-30 min in the sweltering heat!!) Both girls loved it, and the personalized attention from the characters, and Minnie even cut the cake with Sofie after birthday singing. We were suckered into buying too many pictures because they were so tickled pink by it all. They ended the night by playing in the "Prince Eric Playroom" of the hotel, and woke up to a breakfast Mickey Mouse pancakes while watching Playhouse Disney. So well marketed and branded.

Of course we then spent the majority of the next day at the park itself, mostly making sure we got to meet all of the Princesses while she was in head to toe princess gear. She had done a portrait session earlier that day that really made her feel like a princess - hair extensions and all... We did Sofie's favorite rides and then "forced" them to brave the Buzz Light Year ride (so that Su-Ting could play the laser shooting game) during which both kids were so scared that they hid their faces the entire time. Reward: cotton candy.

As Sofie's sidekick, Sasha had a pretty good time herself.

28 February 2010

CNY at Ocean Park

Caught the last day of the Chinese New Year festivities at Ocean Park

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Look At Us

Sofie tries to teach Sasha the art of "voguing"

27 February 2010


Sasha discovered a new hiding place and convinced Sofie to join her...

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26 February 2010

Hello, Bonjour, Buenos Días

This was from back in December, but this was Sofie's school song for their Christmas performance! She was the star singer!

24 February 2010

18 February 2010

The Princess and The Frog

Sofie's first trip to the cinema! It's been a holiday week (CNY is a big deal here) and the kids are all out of school. With the new Disney Princess movie, "The Princess and The Frog", just out, Sofie and her crew of girlfriends had a girls' morning (9am movie!) for the event. Sofie was very proud of herself for bring "SOOOO brave" during the scary parts.

Sofie and Feline

Sofie, Jasmine and Feline

Hanging out after the movie at a CNY display

14 February 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy Year of the Tiger!!

Sofie learned all about CNY in school...
(please excuse our really messy room, as we just moved in 2 weeks ago...)

12 February 2010

Chinese New Year 2010

Sasha celebrates the Year of the Tiger at school!

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11 February 2010

Sister Time

The girls and their Cabbage Patch Kid Newborn twins

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