24 July 2008

Sasha - Week 3

So we're settling into a nice routine here with Sasha now at 3.5 weeks. It's been relatively smooth sailing, but she does continue to assert her own identity and is forever defying our tried-and-true soothing tactics, except for this magic swing that takes up half of Sofie's play area. She finds it quite funny to not latch on properly and prefers to wait until the milk comes to her and then laps it up like a kitten. Sounds cute, but it's a mess, really. We're also nearing the end of the 3 week growth spurt and her face and tummy have chubbed out! We weighed her at home yesterday, and she is 6 lbs 10 oz (3 kg), so a 32% gain since we brought her home. No wonder Mommy's arm is numb from all of those feedings holding up the little plumpster...

As for Sofie, she really loves to stay involved and has quickly caught on to Sasha's routines. She has been feeling very generous lately and loves to share random stuff with Sasha, e.g., random pictures she draws, to puzzle pieces for when Sashas is a "big girl and can play". Yesterday we disovered she had propped up an extra copy of Sasha's passport photo next to her head and declared them "the same". She was also calling Sasha's binky a "peace-ifier", which we found innocently ingenious!