11 July 2009

A New Title

She's given herself a new name:
Sofie Fu Princess Bubblegum Ever The World.

Naturally, that makes me Mommy Fu Ever the World, and her prince is Daddy Fu Ever the World. Sasha hasn't been given an "Ever the World" title yet, which is kind of indicative of the jealousness she has for little Sash these days. It's not out of control, but she's very aware of what Sasha does and has, and even more so, the attention that she is getting relative to Sasha. It's a tough time for her, admittedly, since the spotlight isn't always on her anymore.

On a good note, Sofie is [kinda sorta maybe] straying from the princess obsession thing, and has rekindled ties with her former BFF Dora the Explorer. As much as I used to despise Dora for her overly excited and punctuated way of speaking, there was definitely some nostalgia to the simplicity of her and her lack of sparkles and pink.

Sofie continues to crack us up daily with her advances in speaking. She loves to use phrases she hears tossed around, and she does it appropriately, which shocks us all:
"Sasha, stop freaking out!"
"Of course, I always LOOOOVE to do THAT."
Upon seeing her new tricylce:"(gasp!) and there's a BAG with it!!!"
Doing her Yoga DVD: "Love hurts."

She's also adapting her own sort of language, with her exact definitions:
"Exclemente" = "This means: good job, you're very smart"
"Ikameki" = "This means: you didn't do a good job and you're not very smart"
"Ayunameh" = "HELP! HELP! I said HELP!!!"

Since these new words seem to pop up after she watches either Dora or Diego, it's her own twist of the Spanish (or Japanese?!) that is being taught. But she vehemently denies that perhaps the words she is looking for are "Excelente" and "Ayudame".

Sofie doing the Mambo