10 August 2008

Out & About

We took a long family walk this weekend, spending most of the day walking from Ebisu to Shibuya. We tested the limits of our massive double stroller, The Vibe (which, by the way, is not meant for the minamlist), as well as Mommy's stamina, since her atrophied legs haven't walked much in the month. Both Sofie and Sasha were happy to enjoy the sites of Tokyo, comfortably sitting and napping on and off and making for a very happy family outing. Mommy was thrilled to finally get some exercise before that 6 week mark, and Daddy was happy to be surrounded by his girls!

Here's one of those "only-in-Japan..." shops that we ran across: a swanky store all for RABBITS!

Sofie and what she calls her "computer set", which is really a magnetized drawing screen to learn Hiragana.

Since Japanese people don't really bring their babies out before 3 months, little Sasha certainly got her share of admirers and squeals from the Japanese teens.