01 August 2008

Iron Chefs

A few months back, we participated in a series of Japanese cultural activities, one of which was a course called "Everyday Japanese Cooking". It was pretty cool and we learned to cook a few dishes in a cozy little cooking school called "The Pocket Kitchen" - clearly in reference to the pocket sized quarters we were squished into.

Nevertheless, we found it pretty interesting and the dishes we cooked were very good - but we were disappointed that we ended up cooking CHINESE food! Since the instructor/chef was trying to teach us about "everyday" Japanese food, his point was that Japanese people don't eat the way Japanese food is typically portrayed as - it's not all about sushi, yakatori, soba and such... We ended up making a few dishes (squid salad, pork in a spicy red sauce, and even wonton soup, go figure) and walked away with a few new cooking tips.

Being the inaugural students of the class, we're now famous! Ok, not really, but a friend randomly ran across us on the tour operator's site...

(Don't mind the inappropriate mood-setting music):